RiNo Getting Hotter and Hotter: #Denver


06 Jan RiNo Getting Hotter and Hotter: #Denver

At the beginning of 2014, I wrote this article about how RiNo may be the most up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver.  Unsurprisingly, 2014 turned out to be a banner year for RiNo.  The Source celebrated one year in business, real estate values are up substantially (commercial rent in the area is up about 400% for many properties in the last 5 years; legal marijuana certainly hasn’t hurt), and new restaurants and businesses are popping up every month.

One of the most significant developments to hit RiNo in 2014 was Industry, a 120,000 square foot creative work space located at 30th and Brighton Blvd. that is home to several start-ups (such as Uber Denver) in a common space, in addition to three new restaurants:Tengu, Will Call, and Griffin (yet to open).  Industry is a beautiful and well-designed shared work space, and it is sure to energize the area in addition to those who work there.  The restaurants are exciting, too.  I visited Tengu the day after it opened, and it hit the spot.  The menu is simple.  Five types of ramen are offered as the main course–each is filling and priced at a modest $10, and there is a small selection of appetizers and yakitori (served after 3pm).  The space is intimate, the service is quick, and the food is Good.

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